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Unknown Android

The popularity of the mobile platform Android is the work of many people whose names you might not know until this moment. We present you nine stories about them

Little-known Foursquare

The fifth article about the services, products, programs and open technologies that large companies have in addition to the flagship product. This time, it’s all about the Foursquare social network

Little-known Airbnb

The central character of our third article is Airbnb, and It`s more than just a way for landlords and tenants to find each other

Little-known Dropbox

Our next article is dedicated to Dropbox, a service that is far from limited to storing your files in a cloud. In fact, Dropbox has a range of special offers for businesses and students, teamwork assisting services, open source projects and can boast a few intact apps they’ve managed to take over

Little-known Twitter

Our second article about the side projects major IT companies have apart from their massively known products. This time we’ll explore the Twitter infrastructure and examine the relatively familiar Periscope and Vine social networks as well as several projects for advertisers, TV companies and developers

Little-known Facebook

Live Typing is launching a series of articles about the assets major IT companies possess in addition to their core products. The first company to come into our spotlight is Facebook

Unknown Android. Chapter 1: Andy Rubin

The founder of the Android company promised «smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner’s location and preferences». And he kept his word

Unknown Android. Chapter 2: Sundar Pichai

The story of the brilliant native of India, who replaced Andy Rubin and headed for the development of AI

Unknown Android. Chapter 3: Hiroshi Lockheimer

Today, the most popular platform on the planet run by a man who does not have even a technical education

Unknown Android. Chapter 4: Hugo Barra

A story of main Android`s entertainer, which promoted new versions of the platform

Unknown Android. Chapter 6: Steve Perlman

He extended a helping hand when Andy Rubin squeezed all the money to finance his idea

Unknown Android. Chapter 7: Steve Kondik

Among hackers there are not any bachelors and masters, and parents do not prepare for this profession. The proof is the author of the firmware CyanogenMod

Unknown Android. Chapter 8: Irina Blok

Android has one of the most recognizable logos in the world of mobile devices. His life story begins in Russia