Proven team of iPhone & iPad app developers

Full cycle
iOS development shop

8 in-house iOS experts with 5 years of experience
Proven team of iPhone & iPad app developers

Full cycle iOS development shop

8 in-house iOS experts with 5 years of experience
Full-time dedicated team gives the best speed
See the progress with transparent Agile process
QA & PM included, no extra work or risk for you
100% your intellectual property (you own source code)
We create native apps using Swift and Objective-C for the best UX
Hight Quality code, easy to read, support and transfer
Our apps were featured by the App Store

Success from experience

It is a very high chance that we did something like you need. Let us be specific about industries, features, tech stack
Augmented reality, Face and Image Recognition
Barcode & QR-code
Camera, Video, Audio, Images, Drawing, 3D
Full text search services integration, tags and categorization
And other 3d party devices integration
Social features and News Feeds
Search and complex filtering
In App Purchases, Subscription, Virtual currency, Ad Systems, Native Ad
Multitouch, Animations, Gamification
And other 3d party devices integration
Notifications & deep linking
Custom admin panels & API creation
And virality stimulation technics
Digital signature and Custom Encryption
Clusterization, offline, routes
Getting Things Done features
Calendars, ToDo lists, Collaboration
Variety of 3d party APIs integrations
Messengers & Bots
Integration in popular chat systems
CRMs, Payment Gateways, eCommerce platforms, AWS and BaaS
Comprehensive experience with Media
iBeacon (Bluetooth low energy)
All kinds of monetization
Internationalization & localization
Statistic & Analytics systems integration
Advanced sharing
Charts, tables, adnaced grid layouts
Personal cabinets & Loyalty programs
White label and Branding support
Apple Watch support, Apps for TV
Geolocation & advanced Maps integrations
We've made apps
for different industries
Here is the list of things we've mastered.
We love new challenges.
Here are the main technologies we use for app development
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV
iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, Xcode, AppCode
Swift 3, Swift 2.3, Objective-C, Objective-C++, C++, C
MVC, MVVM, MVP, VIPER, DI, Carthage, CocoaPods
CoreData, Realm, SQLite, Locksmith
AVFoundation, CoreGraphics, QuarzCore, Apple Pay, iBeacon, HealthKit, OpenGL, OpenAL, Metal, WebKit
XCTest, OCMock, OCUnit
Libraries and services
Layer, XMPP, Flurry, MobileAppTracker, AppsFlyer, Fabric, Crashlytics, GoogleAnalytics, YandexMetrica, SwiftyBeaver, Facebook SDK, TwitterKit
and looking forward to work with others
Games & Video
Health & Fitness
Fashion & Beauty
Events & Promo
Civic Tech
Our iOS-developers


Minimise time to market with a good app? No Problem
Weekly or Biweekly Demos
Even if we do a fixed price project often demonstrations is an important thing to do.
Up to 4 full-time developers
Would like to speed up development? No problem. We do know how to make things fast.
Daily status meetings
We like to have constant attention on what is going on. If you like it, please join.
Part-time development
In support mode, you would need attention but not the full time. Our speed meets efficiency.

Our team

Live Typing, Inc. is a full-cycle digital production agency of 50 people located in Washington, DC.
In 7 years we have successfully completed over 200 projects. Meet our project team:
Requirements management
Product roadmap

Project Manager
Scope clarification
Production management
UX/UI Designer
User Experience Research
User Interface Prototype
Quality Assurance
Test Cases creation
Testing on real devices

Close-knit crew
8 native iOS in-house developers in one place. 5 years of experience.
Well Educated
Postgraduate education in computer science or math. 80% Master's degree, 20% Bachelor's degree.
Extra people
We love to create new great apps. We will put all our efforts to help you create the awesome product.
Full stack
We also do backend APIs and Admin Panels and could help you with cross-platform app development.


We don't have exact hourly rate because each customer and project require its specific condition.
There are 3 main payment options:
Fixed price from $10,000
When it's important to fit in the budget, or you just prefer that way
We estimate the defined scope and sign up under our estimation. We split payments by iterations, so you don't pay big portion right away. In that case, detailed functional specification and UI prototype are required. If you don't have it, we will make it.
Time & material $50-$80/hr
When there is flexibility in a budget, and it's important to be agile and fast
We split payments to biweekly or monthly cycles. Typically it's posted payment within 7 days from invoice date. All our employees track time in Toggle. Estimations could be applied to tasks in any issue tracker.
Flat monthly fee from $3,000
When you need resources constantly under budget limit
Good for long term constant partnership, team augmentation, support retainer. We sign a long-term agreement and allocate appropriate time per month.
What can we fit in your budget?

Trusted by Enterprises,
Startups and Nonprofits

We work with clients all over the world and are interested in building more long term relationships
If you have any questions or clarifications Live Typing is very responsive and very flexible in changing things even if at the last minute. As a startup we need that flexibility. It is definitely a partner you can have in your team!
Fast Buy
Mobile app for fast Internet shopping with price negotiations
We really appreciate that the Live Typing team dared to take up this project and totally aced it in such a short time. We look forward to working together in the future more than once.

World Chess Championship 2016
The Official FIDE broadcasting app, live action of chess contest
Working with Live Typing was very easy. Their project management was excellent, and team leader understood the nuances of the project and was always looking for the best solution.
App with set of memes for fast sharing in messengers
Our goal was to find a reliable partner that would be interested in working to achieve high-quality results. Our app was featured in the fashion section of the App Store, and has had over 220,000 downloads.
Vogue Collections
Unlimited access to the photo library of runway shows
Request a free consultation with our team of experts
Request a free consultation with our team of experts