Чем точно нужно укомплектовать приложение, чтобы путешественники его оценили? Что должно быть у него под капотом для удобного и качественного сервиса? Даём советы eTravel-стартаперам.

Increase in conversion rate, native payments and other benefits for any retail brand.

We’ve all been hearing the latest technology news: Augmented and Virtual Reality products are on the rise, and their popularity is only increasing. Meaning, more and more developers are dipping their toes into this revolutionary industry, making truly innovative teams eager to stand out. Clutch recently announced the leading developers in augmented and virtual reality — and Live Typing made the list!

This list contains local and global, annual and daily, paid and free awards for startups and well-established companies. The article will be updated.

For six years the Live Typing`s team has been working on the reputation of professionals who understand how to solve business problems of the client in the mobile and Internet era and lead them to success. In April 2017, it paid off: Clutch agency placed us in the top twenty of the best mobile and web developers in Russia.

AR and VR are captivating the imaginations of small business owners looking to stand out. Here’s how to figure out which investment is right for you.

The popularity of the mobile platform Android is the work of many people whose names you might not know until this moment. We present you nine stories about the creators, managers, designers and investors of Android. Biographies and successes of Andy Rubin, Sundar Pichai, Steve Perlman, Irina Block and others who influenced the appearance and popularity of the most popular mobile platform in the world.

Among a huge number of website builders, it’s important to choose one. It should be understood by users without experience in web development and design, have a large number of out-of-the-box integrations and meet the latest trends. We found it.

It`s not magic tricks that transform your website`s visitors into clients but the conversation. Live chat proposes the best balance between face-to-face dialogue, personal life and real help. All you have to do is choose one solution of dozens.

This article is an introduction to iOS app animation. It will be helpful for those who haven’t had the chance to work with animations yet or don’t fully comprehend some aspects of standard iOS animations.