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Energoinvest Company

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Bimmy is a wallet for safekeeping loyalty cards with marks by stamp. If you’ve ever come to a coffee shop for your sixth coffee as a gift, you know how so sad to understand, that your card left in another bag. Bimmy’s solves this problem.

How the app works: a customer shows the screen with the store card at the checkout. A manager puts a mark with a special stamp. The sensor reads the unique multitouch, the data from the smartphone is sent to the server, and the answer from the server comes in the form of a stamp on the loyalty card.

Live Typing developed a mobile app and web interface for the client, through which coffee shops, stores and beauty salons can connect to the Bimmy affiliate program in France. Thanks to the loyalty card builder, partner companies quickly create cards for their business and use them to increase the number of loyal customers.

Idea — Energoinvest Company
Design and development — Live Typing

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