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Health Monitor Ltd

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This mobile application helps to control health and get medical recommendations. A user buys one of the tests, sends it to the laboratory with a courier and receives a decoded analysis with a clear explanation and personal recommendations by the doctors in the application. A visualised model of the human body helps the users to monitor their health. If the results of medical tests indicate that there is something wrong with the body, the organs on the model will be highlighted with yellow or red and the app will show a professional advice on what to do to improve your health. Live Typing performed a UX review of product design, developed an iOS application, admin panel and server-side part. Storing test results from several laboratories, binding indicators with the body systems and creating recommendation system demanded a serious medical expertise from the client alongside with extremely careful design and hard backend work form Live Typing team.

Idea: Health Monitor Ltd
UX-review, development: Live Typing

Development of mobile app for medical testing, photo 3
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