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E-Commerce app for the SEPHORA branch ILE DE BEAUTE, the biggest Russian high-end beauty products retailer, a version for iOS and Android tablets

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Past history

The version of the ILE DE BEAUTE app for iOS and Android tablets was released in December 2016, predated by the versions for iOS and Android smartphones launched in June and September 2016 accordingly.

Keeping in mind the differences between tablet and smartphone user experience, we optimized the app’s sections and elements for tablet layout and enabled both album and portrait screen orientation.

Main screen

The main screen contains various sections with events, brands, new articles, best sellers and so on. This makes searching easier and helps the user find the most popular item, a new product or a specific brand.


The stores section allows the user to see a map with all the ILE DE BEAUTE stores in their city. The addresses of the nearest outlets are located in the “Nearby” tab and are sorted by their distance to the user. There is also a tab to list the stores by nearest subway stations; if there’s no subway system in the city, the stores are simply sorted in alphabetical order.

Product group profile

Each product has a description, a price, an item number, the ingredients, an instruction and various gift offers. The product can also have a wide range of hues, sizes and variants, which are all displayed on the left side of the product profile.

Version for Android tablets

As per customer’s request, the Android version is identical to the iOS version. The only difference is the unique way the tab bar works (which doesn’t comply to the usual Google guidelines): clicking “Back” takes the user to the previous section of the app instead of the main screen.

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