Design and development of legal app, photo 1
Семейный юрист

Lawyer in your Pocket, photo 2
Lawyer in your Pocket

A mobile consultant for those who want to get the answers to the most popular legal questions quickly and without seeing a specialists: how to file a complaint, get a divorce, take a child abroad, etc. The user pays for a package of instructions, finds the necessary one and follows it step by step. The instructions were created by a group of lawyers that worked hard to write them in a simple and understandable language. Live Typing designed and developed the MVP of iOS and Android apps. If the hypotheses would be confirmed, we will take into account users’ behavior and their feedback and introduce new features into the product.

Idea: Semeiny Yurist (Family Lawyer)
Design, development: Live Typing

Design and development of legal app, photo 3
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