Requirements for front-end developers

Basic knowledge and sources of valuable information for newbies in client-side programming

Requirements for front-end developers

Requirements for front-end developers

Requirements for front-end developers, photo 1

In the early 00’s the web was the way Internet Explorer’s developers wanted it to be, while those who developed other browsers had to catch up, replicating its functionality and standards for backward compatibility. When IE started to step back from its leading position, other browsers began to include new features and standardize them among each other. Open source solutions from independent developers appeared to make working with browser features easier. The variety of available features has been expanding ever since, but it’s still as important as ever to know the essentials of front end development. We have collected bits of basic and advanced knowledge that are crucial when creating web content today.

Required skills, qualifications and things to know

For starters

Trends, blogs and sources to follow closely

  • CSS-Tricks. A great resource with articles and useful design and coding solutions.
  • Codyhouse. A set of snippets.
  • @dan_abramov. Twitter of a Russian-speaking React developer on Facebook’s team.
  • @addyosmani. Twitter of a Google Chrome team member who creates Developers Tools.
  • @paul_irish. Twitter of another Google Chrome team member who creates Developers Tools.
  • Frontenders. A small list of front end developers that are worth following.
  • 2ality. A blog about JS.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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