Useful thoughts on app development and design

Unknown Android

The popularity of the mobile platform Android is the work of many people whose names you might not know until this moment. We present you nine stories about them

Features of multi window mode on Android tablets

Issues that can arise when implementing multi window mode on tablet versions of apps

CannyViewAnimator — our own ViewAnimator

New library for View visibility switching created by our Android-department: description, story of development, solved issues

Requirements for Android developers

A list of basic skills, guides, useful articles and sources that a beginner Android developer should know

Animator — Android animation tool

The Article is dedicated to the Animator class type and will be of use both to those who have just started creating animations and to those who require additional info on the subject

Dealing With Android: The 5 Pains And The Remedy

«Live Typing» Android department`s teamlead Alexander Mirko explained about pitfalls of Android-development and ways to avoid them

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