Useful thoughts on app development and design

Animations in iOS for beginners. Core Animation’s models, classes and blocks

This article is an introduction to iOS app animation. It will be helpful for those who haven’t had the chance to work with animations yet or don’t fully comprehend some aspects of standard iOS animations

What’s wrong with currency character display in iOS?

Decrease of application perfomance due to fonts and symbols specific combinations is not well-studied problem. This article is closes issue partially

How NSFetchRequest, NSFetchedResultsController work in Core Data Framework

Explain the principes of work of NSFetchRequest и NSFetchRequestController classes with an example of well-known grocery goods

Requirements for iOS developers

A list of minimal skills and qualifications a beginner iOS developer should have

How to set up CI for iOS development in a day

Let’s automate the project building using an extra Mac and the Jenkins platform and forget about the weight of the routine

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